Threatening letter found in ashram of Vrindavan targeting Katha spokesperson Aniruddhacharya Maharaj

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Mathura: On Tuesday, a threatening letter was found in the ashram of Vrindavan belonging to Katha spokesperson Aniruddhacharya Maharaj, in which the sender threatened to blow him up with a bomb. The letter was found in the postbox of the ashram by the ashram staff and then they informed the police.

The letter, which was written in Hindi, contained a warning to Aniruddhacharya Maharaj that if he did not stop his activities, he would be blown up by a bomb. The letter also contained abusive language.

After the information was received, a team of police officials from Vrindavan Police Station reached the spot and investigated the matter. The police officials have registered a case against the unknown sender and are investigating the case.

Aniruddhacharya Maharaj is a well-known spokesperson of the Katha sect and is known for his lectures on religious and spiritual topics. He has a large following in the region and has been actively involved in social and religious activities.

The incident has created panic among his followers and security has been tightened around his ashram in Vrindavan. The police have also increased patrolling in the area to prevent any untoward incident.

Meanwhile, Aniruddhacharya Maharaj has appealed to his followers to remain calm and not to panic. He has also requested the police to investigate the matter thoroughly and take appropriate action against the sender of the letter.

This incident has raised concerns over the safety and security of religious leaders in the country. It is important for the authorities to take immediate action and ensure the safety of all religious leaders and their followers.