Watch: Pakistani forces and Taliban clash again over border fencing issue

Watch: Pakistani forces and Taliban clash again over border fencing issue


The Pakistani army clashed with the Taliban at the Durand Line for the third time in the previous 10 days over fencing.

According to reports, Pakistani personnel were attempting to erect barbed wire barriers. 

In the Dak area of Nimroz province’s Charborjak district, Afghan troops stopped Pakistani soldiers from erecting a barbed wire barrier.

According to Shamshad News, Pakistan has covered roughly 10 kilometres of Afghan territory in the Charborjak district’s Dak area, which was previously barred by Taliban forces. 

Last week, the Pakistani military attempted to extend walls 10 kilometres into Afghan territory.

Talibs replied by ripping the barbed wires down.

Both parties had previously battled on December 22 in the eastern Nangarhar province over a similar issue.

According to Afghanistan’s Khama Press, the barbed wire was dismantled and brought to Afghanistan by Talibs. 

The Durand Line, the 2,600-km international border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, often witnesses periodic skirmishes between the two forces.

Previous Afghan governments and the new Taliban regime have often objected to Pakistan fencing its border, saying that they have never approved of its legitimacy.

In September, this was asserted by the Chief Spokesperson of the Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid  after the formation of the Taliban’s caretaker government. 

The border is named after British civil servant Sir Henry Mortimer Durand, who signed an agreement with Amir Abdur Rahman, then the Afghan ruler, on November 12, 1893, to establish an international border between British India and Afghanistan.

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