Biggest Hustle : Indians student launched there first NFT Metawitch

Interviewer: Tell us about yourself?

Shruti (Co-owner)- Hello ,I am Shruti Bafna student of 11 class from commerce background in Dav Public School Gopalpuram and currently I am doing intern in Apex Developers as well as Gains Associate and I am the co-owner of this project

Shashank( CFO): Hello, I am Shashank Kumar, and I will be completing my B.A/L.L.B (with Taxation Honors) in May. I have worked on a wide variety of projects that have allowed me to put what I have learned in the classroom into use in a practical sense. I pride myself on being detail-oriented, analytical, and driven.

Interviewer: How did you get NFT idea?

Shruti : I get to know from my elder brother he was into crypto one day he was explaining me about NFT I love desiging and the other part was I  was like I don’t have funds to buy but I can create so  I came up with a idea he introduced me to a team and yeah here we are.

Shashank: Few days ago, I was playing a game called sim companies. In this game we have to produce goods and sell them to the other buyers. After playing this game for 2-3 days I realised that in this game we can produce unique goods which can be converted into collectible items and can be further converted to NFTs. That’s when I got the interest in NFTs and later I got to know about the startup so I contacted Nandhu who is Ceo of the startup and joined the team.

Interviewer: Tell us about your NFT?

Shruti : Metawitch it’s like a with like figure which rule the metablack world with there power and basically witch is not new to us so yeah .

Shashank: Lightulb NFT is a collection of 1000 generative monster pictures, gif and videos. As monsters are one of the characters that is seen from past years in trending and this will be their first project through which they will be given exclusive access to become a part of their project.

Their project is divided into 3 parts 400 Gif, 500 pictures and 100 videos in which will be using different character of monsters. They will be launching their NFTs in 3 platforms, they are Opensea, and Rarible and the price starts from 3$. Various game changing ideas are there, it will be launched in the future. The sponsors’ are Vodka token, kaizen finance, Shoefy and Solchick and working on more sponsors

Interviewer: What is your advice for newcomer?

Shruti : It’s very diffcult to convenience your parents than funds as being a 11 class student all around me think marks are important but according to me marks as well as your profile is important so by sideways do something what you love to do For nft you have to find a team a good investors and if your idea is unique you can approach influencers on Instagram.

Shashank: If you think you are a good artist and your art have potential to earn money you can start making and selling of NFTs but you must invest some money in the form of crypto currency which will be charged as gas fees. So basically to earn some money you have to invest some money.

Interviwer: What are your future plan?

Shruti : Basically I have many ideas in my mind in upcoming time you will come to know .

Shashank: Basically our first focus is to launch Meta Witch successfully and in future, we are looking forward to launch more unique NFTs in which will involve students of our age.

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