Kathiriya Subsidy House LLP

Kathiriya Subsidy House LLP Pioneers Subsidy Consultancy for Home Loans

Kathiriya Subsidy House LLP, formerly known as Kathiriya and Co., has carved a niche as a pioneering independent subsidy consultancy, fostering a profound understanding of the needs of India’s enterprises, businesses, and citizens. Established in April 2023, the consultancy has rapidly emerged as a key player in facilitating industrial and non-industrial subsidy services across the…

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Rohit Das winner of SRESTHO UDYOGI (Best Entrepreneur) AWARD 2023

Rohit Das Receives Prestigious [SRESTHO UDYOGI] Best Entrepreneur award 2023 Recognized for Outstanding Contributions to the Financial Industry  at Assam Sahitya sabha. Assam sahitya sabha is a literary society of assam founded in December 1917. The purpose of this organization is to promote the culture and literature of Assam. (put the Photo with the award) entrepreneur receiving…

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Parallel Galaxies

Parallel Galaxies: Affordable Metaverse Gaming for Investors & Entrepreneurs

Kolkata, 15th Nov 2023 — Parallel Galaxies, a gaming innovator, is venturing into the metaverse, bringing affordable game development to a global audience. Led by co-founders Dr. Arnab Mitra and Mr. Anirban Ghosh, they aim to make high-tech metaverse games accessible to all, regardless of budget. In the fast-paced tech world, Parallel Galaxies is not…

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Ranjan Kundu

The International Award-Winning Photographer and Celebrity Photographer, And Also A Multifaceted Professional, Mr. Ranjan Kundu.

Mr. Ranjan Kundu is a multifaceted professional with an extraordinary educational background, professional certifications, and a globally renowned international award-winning photographer with awards and accolades on a global scale. Mr. Ranjan Kundu’s educational journey is nothing short of extraordinary. He holds a Professional Diploma in NASA System Engineering, a testament to his technical prowess. Additionally,…

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IGLAM: Revolutionizing the Glamour Scene in East India

In the ever-changing world of modeling, beauty pageants, and casting, IGLAM has emerged as a trailblazing agency in East India. With a solid nine-year track record, IGLAM has been instrumental in nurturing aspiring talents and producing remarkable winners in the field of modeling, grooming, beauty pageant, casting,soft skills & personality development.From day one, IGLAM has…

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Vidhyam Academy

Vidhyam Academy Bridges the Gap for Students in India’s Online and Distance Education Sector

In India, Online and Distance Education sector is very unorganised and students face a lot of difficulties in getting the correct information on the recognised universities and approved courses. Vidhyam Academy is a leading distance education institute based in Delhi, offering expert Counselling and Information to Students for various UGC and DEB Recognized Universities. The…

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Fidore Health

“Fidore Health’s SRT: Natural Hair Regrowth with 98% Results ,No Side Effects, to Boost Confidence!”

Fidore Health, a rising star in the world of hair care, recently made headlines when they declined an invitation to appear on Shark Tank India. The reason behind this surprising decision? Fidore Health’s commitment to maintaining its bootstrap nature. Founded on the principles of innovation and self-reliance, Fidore Health has been steadily gaining recognition for…

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