The great film production is coming MAULI KRUPA FILMS, Trupti vichare, Hemant vichare & Prasad vichare.

The great film production is coming MAULI KRUPA FILMS, Trupti vichare, Hemant vichare & Prasad vichare.

Mauli Krupa Films is a Mumbai based film production house mainly for films, web series, musical videos, TV shows, documentary films, short films and theater (Marathi, Hindi, English). The production house was born with the tireless efforts of the founders and team members.

The purpose of this production is to,

Mauli Krupa Films is an organization established to fulfill the dream of late mother. With experience in the film industry, serials, magazines, a talented anchor, the founder decided to start this prestigious production house to create a platform for innovative content creators to experiment and showcase their skills.

Their mission is to experiment with innovative content by providing a platform to talented new artists. The production aims to showcase the talents of upcoming artists. We have a broad vision to produce 15 web series and 5 movies in the next 5 years . We uphold the values ​​of new content integration, teamwork and creative experimentation. There is truth behind the name.Mauli Krupa is a tribute to the founder’s late Matoshree. Seeking mother’s blessings, she strongly believes that producers and producers of films should be like mother figures by guiding the entire team, nurturing them and giving scope to their talents. We always uphold this value and we ensure that we follow this value to the letter.

About the co-creator

Hemant Vichare is the co-producer

Mr. Hemant Vichare is a Post Graduate in History. He has proved his efficiency as an assistant of Hoechst India Limited. He worked as a distributor supervisor for Mahananda Dairy. He was the head of advertising and freelancing at Mumbai Image (magazine). He is an artist at heart and a businessman at heart. He likes writing and music.

Actor, Creative Producer

Prasad Vichare Actor / Creative Producer

Mr. Prasad Vichare is a realistic person with interest in science. He served as the brand ambassador for Columbus Tours and Travels. He is a person with a different perspective on things and has worked as a cabin crew in the Franklin Institute. He has proved his talent in every field by working as a Sales Manager at Resort Rio, a five star hotel in Goa, Mumbai. Now he is an actor who has played lead roles in two web series Funter and Illusion. He has also done music albums (Rangalaya, tu jahan , Houni Gandha). He was honored with the Talent of the Year Award by Columbus Tours and Travels. Soon this amazing team is coming to get the film for you.

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