Priyadarshan says he will not try to recreate Hera Pheri magic again

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New Delhi: Renowned filmmaker Priyadarshan recently stated that he would not attempt to recreate the magic of the popular comedy movie ‘Hera Pheri’ again. The director made this statement during an interview where he talked about his upcoming projects and the challenges of making comedy movies.

Priyadarshan has directed many successful comedy movies like ‘Hera Pheri’, ‘Hungama’, ‘Bhagam Bhag’, and ‘Garam Masala’ over the years. However, he stated that it is a tough job to make people laugh and to create a successful comedy movie. The filmmaker said that he wants to take on new challenges and experiment with different genres.

When asked about the possibility of a new ‘Hera Pheri’ movie, Priyadarshan replied that he would not want to recreate the magic of the original film. He explained that he had made two sequels to the movie and they did not live up to the expectations of the audience. Priyadarshan added that he does not want to ruin the legacy of the film by making another sequel or attempting to recreate the same magic.

The director further explained that he is currently working on a period drama that is set in the 17th century. He stated that it is a challenging project and that he is excited to see how it turns out. Priyadarshan added that he wants to keep experimenting with different genres and that he is open to new opportunities.