Thavikiren” is a heartfelt Tamil music

“Thavikiren” is a heartfelt Tamil music video released by “360 Entertainment Productions” on February 16th. Written, directed, composed, and sung by A R Sai, the collaboration spans three countries Singapore, Malaysia, and India featuring music by Ztish and vocals by Maanasi G Kannan. The video, starring Murali Murugan, Malathi Sivagami, and Vedavalli, tells the story…

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Nirel: Celebrating 10 Years as the First Indian Movie Completely Shot Abroad!

A decade ago, a group of passionate individuals embarked on a cinematic journey that would redefine Tulu cinema forever. Today, on the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day, we commemorate the 10th anniversary of the groundbreaking film “Nirel,” directed by the visionary Ranjith Bajpe. The inception of “Nirel” traces back to a humble beginning, rooted in…

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Actor Prabhat, Neha Malik, Prabhat,

“Actor Prabhat and Neha Malik Set Dubai Ablaze with Buzz about a Sizzling New Party Anthem!”

In a sensational turn of events, rumours are ablaze with whispers that renowned Actor Prabhat and the stunning Neha Malik have joined forces in Dubai for an electrifying collaboration on a brand-new music video. Our exclusive sources have confirmed that the dynamic duo was spotted in the heart of Dubai, sparking immense curiosity about the…

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Vikas Prajapat

Vikas Prajapat Begins Pre-Production for Romantic Love Story in Uttarakhand

The Indian film industry is abuzz with excitement as renowned film director and producer Vikas Prajapat gears up to kickstart pre-production for his upcoming romantic love story set against the picturesque backdrop of Uttarakhand. Red Leopard Productions, known for their penchant for unique and engaging storytelling, is all set to introduce fresh faces to the…

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Actor Prabhat Kumar, Prabhat Kumar, Actor Prabhat, Prabhat,

Actor Prabhat Kumar: Crafting Narratives from Construction to Stage

Amidst the epicenter of Noida, Prabhat Kumar resides, a persona whose journey ventured from the realm of construction to the expansive expanse of artistic endeavor. This trajectory, intricate and diversified, traversed from Vaishali, Bihar, his natal soil, to the vibrant tapestry of Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Prabhat’s narrative unfurls as a mosaic of adaptability, fervor, and…

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Director Dinesh Sudarshan Soi gears up for the release of his upcoming track ‘Guzra Zamana’

Mumbai: Dinesh Sudarshan Soi, the acclaimed music video director, has been making headlines with his exceptional work. The filmmaker’s streak of creating stunning music videos continues with his upcoming release ‘Guzra Zamana.’ The track, featuring Ananya Sankhe and Jatin Suri, is an intense romantic melody directed by Soi himself. The song will be produced under…

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Priyadarshan says he will not try to recreate Hera Pheri magic again

New Delhi: Renowned filmmaker Priyadarshan recently stated that he would not attempt to recreate the magic of the popular comedy movie ‘Hera Pheri’ again. The director made this statement during an interview where he talked about his upcoming projects and the challenges of making comedy movies. Priyadarshan has directed many successful comedy movies like ‘Hera…

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