Atiq Ashraf Murder: Atiq Repeatedly Took Name of ‘Guddu Muslim’ Before Death

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Lucknow: In a new development in the Atiq Ashraf murder case, it has been revealed that before his death, Atiq repeatedly took the name of ‘Guddu Muslim’, while his friend Ashraf also wanted to say something but could not due to his injuries.

According to sources, Atiq and Ashraf were attacked by a group of men in the early hours of Saturday morning. Atiq was shot multiple times and succumbed to his injuries, while Ashraf was critically injured and is currently undergoing treatment at a nearby hospital.

Before he passed away, Atiq kept saying the name ‘Guddu Muslim’, which has led investigators to suspect that the attack may have been politically motivated. Guddu Muslim is a local political leader and the police are currently investigating his possible involvement in the case.

Meanwhile, Ashraf, who is still in a critical condition, reportedly wanted to say something to the police but was unable to do so due to his injuries. The police are waiting for him to recover so that they can question him about the incident.

The incident has sent shockwaves throughout the district, with residents expressing concern over the deteriorating law and order situation in the area. The police have assured the public that they are doing everything in their power to bring the culprits to justice.

The family of the victims have demanded swift action from the police and have urged them to ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future. The local administration has also assured the family that they will do everything in their power to ensure justice for the victims.

The incident once again highlights the need for increased security measures in the area and the need for a more effective law enforcement system in the country. It is hoped that the perpetrators of this heinous crime will be brought to justice soon.