Aligarh Teacher Accused of Fraudulent Second Marriage on Papers

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Aligarh: A teacher in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh has been accused of committing fraud by marrying a second time on paper while still being married to his first wife. The incident came to light when the teacher’s first wife filed for divorce and claimed that he had married another woman in their neighborhood.

According to reports, the teacher had allegedly forged documents to show that he had divorced his first wife and had married another woman in their neighborhood. He had even registered their marriage and had been living with her for the past few years. However, his first wife was unaware of this second marriage and only found out when she saw the marriage certificate.

The first wife has now filed for divorce and has accused the teacher of fraud and cheating. She has also alleged that he had been emotionally and physically abusing her for years and had forced her to sign the divorce papers. The matter is currently under investigation by the local authorities.

The incident highlights the prevalence of fraudulent marriages in India, where people often resort to illegal means to obtain a second marriage while still being married to their first spouse. Such marriages not only cause emotional distress to the first spouse but are also a violation of the law.

The authorities must take strict action against those who engage in such fraudulent activities and ensure that justice is served to the victims. There is also a need for greater awareness and education about the legal consequences of such actions, as well as the importance of maintaining the sanctity of marriage.

Overall, the incident in Aligarh serves as a reminder of the need for transparency and honesty in personal relationships and the consequences of violating the law.